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Performance Type: DJ 

Aliases: Vincent Lemieux | Flabbergast 

Where From: Canada

Based in: Montreal 

Affiliations: Perlon | Musique Risquee | DisDat

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Isis Salvaterra


DJ, record dealer, MUTEK programmer, Musique Risquée label cofounder and producer: Vincent Lemieux is what you’d call a consummate music lover. Known for his across-the-board contributions to Montreal’s electronic music landscape, Vincent Lemieux unveiled his debut album alongside Guillaume Coutu-Dumont, his long-time partner in rhythm. Under the moniker Flabbergast in 2015.  
Having rapidly ascended the DJ ranks thanks to his impeccable taste, Vincent Lemieux does not limit his musical diet to a single genre. While he remains partial to techno and house, disco, funk, soul, hip-hop and other groovy offshoots do not leave him unmoved. In Montreal, he has performed at his mythical Soirée Risquée and Disco Dessert nights, on top of countless clubs, bars and parties. On the international front, Vincent Lemieux can pride himself on putting his passport to very good use. Every year since 2001, he has treated Berlin’s Panorama Bar patrons to his refined musical palate at the Get Perlonized nights. He’s also brought revellers and festival goers to their feet in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, China, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Spain, Russia, London’s Fabric and, naturally, on home turf in Quebec and across Canada. An already impressive tally that continues to grow.
When not spinning records, Vincent Lemieux contributes to MUTEK’s ever-esteemed programming. Since 2000, he has helped shape the sonic and visual identities of the event, now considered a key highlight on the international electronic music and digital arts festival circuit.
As the head honcho, A&R man and jack-of-all-trades of Musique Risquée, the label he co-founded with Marc Leclair (Akufen) in 2003, Vincent Lemieux has always highlighted local talents. Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, The Mole, Stephen Beaupré and Akufen have all been championed and bolstered by Musique Risquée. The same also holds true for Bruno Pronsato, Jichael Mackson and Atom TM.
In essence, the work of Vincent Lemieux continues to be driven by a single impulse: his boundless love of music.

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