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Performance Type: Live | DJ 

Aliases: Dead Rail | Triptease 

Where From: Italy

Based in: Berlin 

Affiliations: Dead Rail | Sleep is Commercial | Club Der Visionaere

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Isis Salvaterra


Topper grew up in Turin (IT) surrounded by substances and tunes typical of a hippie-kind of environment. Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd were his milk. His dad, the "hippie", had a huge influence on him, and introduced this curious kid into the magic world of music and psychedelic culture. 


Right at the beginning of the 3rd millenium he decided to move to Berlin. Since then, Topper is experimenting with his sound, discovering the hidden shapes of electronic music, meanwhile performing as dj with several Berlin crews (Klangsucht above all) and at several underground parties all around the city.


Since 2009 he is resident with Daniele Papini at Club der Visionäre, hosting the infamous Noisy Glance party. He is also working hard in the studio preparing eps for labels such as Noisy Glance, Goodvibe Records and Sleep is Commercial. 


We know for sure that electronic music became his primary language, under this alias, as Topper or presenting his real identity: Matteo Taberna. He made a few quick appearances on labels like Sleep Is Commercial, All Inn Black or BP Mind Series, bringing consistency on his own imprint with 3 amazing releases, anchored in the minimalistic framework of electronic music.

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