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Performance Type: Record Shop | Sound System 

Aliases:  By Daan Donk

Where From: Netherlands

Based in: Amsterdam 

Affiliations: Likeminded | Klipsch 

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Isis Salvaterra


DJ and vinyl enthusiast Daan Donk worked in the event world as programmer of various clubs and festivals.  Now he tries to go back to the 90s, where people were 'closer to the music'.


He has converted a camper van into a record shop  alongside his father and is intended to sell and play vinyl records.  Two LP players have been built in the middle and there are record boxes bins everywhere in the van.  Digging, Donk calls it.  "By endlessly searching and listening to records, one learns much more about the history of the house and techno scene. Your taste in music becomes more refined."


In October ‘21 Daan moved back from Berlin to Amsterdam, eager to find new outlets that would support his  rave spirit.  He decided to buy a 90’s campervan and convert it into a mobile record shop: Tale of Bus, which is his own little music utopia that has developed out of a personal response to a massive becoming music industry. Daan once worked in the top level festival circuit and quit his job because he wanted to have a more intimate relationship with DJ culture, music, artists and fellow vinyl enthusiasts. Now the Tale of Bus is born. 

The kick off was last ADE’22 with a pop up at het Volkshotel. Artists who were staying at the hotel found their way easily into the bus and ended with a big pile of second hand records. He made a lot of new friends too, it's like inviting friends to dig in his living room. Some of the clientele of the first 2 days include Sadar Bahar, David Vunk, Margaret Dygas and Rhadoo to name a few. All leaving with a smile and wondering where and when the next pop up will take place.

On Friday evening during ADE 2022 he threw a party in the Canvas restaurant of Volkshotel.  The Swiss duo Le Gram VG, which runs a record store under the same name, and Desyn, played records there on a special sound system: The Klipsch Klipschhorn speakers that stood at the start of the 'dance' era. 

The connection to Klipsch is then established and, now, the project Tale of Bus consists of, Daan Donk, the record shop on wheels and the Klipsch speakers set up to hit the road to reach out to as many festivals and events. 

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