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Tone Bardo Therapy originally presents states or bardos of the afterlife, the period after dying before the soul sets itself free, according to the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. In pursuit of ‘Mirrors Placed in Front of Me’ (vinyl, HENK recordings 2012) its self-named album ‘Tone Bardo Therapy’ reflects a sub-conscious and genre-crossing sound. Musical can be therapy, or maybe it was meant to be. A reflection of life itself through sound experience during altering states of mind in times of change. Imploding introversions of melancholy and bittersweet realisation. A loose hybrid-acoustic approach to the realms of lounge, triphop and left-field-jazz music. Hinting back to pre-millenium times. Acoustic thoughts yet electronically spoken, the music finds purpose in transformation. Slower articulated between 80 and 110 bpm, emphasizing the 1st, 16th’s and backbeat counts. Phrases and riffs into fills are shaping identity and eerie-eyeballing textures serpent. Mister headroom gracing Miss dynamics. Listen and play, a true musician will knows its way to improvise along with Tone Bardo Therapy on its instrument of choice."

Released June 5, 2020 on Bandcamp

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