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Performance Type: DJ 

Aliases: Herodot 

Where From: Romania 

Based in: Bucharest 

Affiliations: Unanim | Guesthouse | Sunrise 

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Isis Salvaterra



George Bornaci 


When attempting to define Herodot as an artist and as a person one may want to generalise him as simply “another Romanian dj” whereas others like myself would think “there is a lot to explore”. As you may have gathered for us at Toi.Toi.Musik, the sign that there are a multitude of skills and abilities found on both the artistic as well as on the practical side are absolutely crucial features to defining our identity and those that join our philosophy. 


"When many people think of Romanian house music, three DJs immediately come to mind: Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu. Look a little deeper, though, and you'll find a vast undercurrent of highly skilled selectors, many without much recognition outside fans of the country's subtle minimalist sound. These DJs play most of their gigs in Romania, only occasionally venturing abroad for dates outside their home country. They play (and often make) music at a very high standard, their output defined by intricate, groove-led tracks built for long DJ sets and crystal-clear soundsystems.”


Resident Advisor Podcast 


Indeed, I agree to RA’s statement that much of these skilled selectors do not receive much recognition outside of their home country, however, Herodot branched out of Romania (here is how I came across him and his music) and doing so while embedding a strong Romanian identity in his music at the same time and thus forming what I find best of both worlds. That in itself, is a sign of this wider music spectrum as his artistic reflection, in fact, him and his partner in crime Suciu are ones that to me go beyond the constrains of their countries’ interpretation of minimalism through to expanding to every corner of the world. Hence you can find Herodot going from East to Western Europe, from North to South America and beyond. 


Here is an artist with a very strong Romanian identity, one born, bred and developed from its roots in Perlon, Ricardo Villalobos and the RPR school of competence and integrity, an artist that took this base and developed further to becoming the wider Dj that he is, a true reflection of his identity while acknowledging it beyond his own romanian roots, one that explores the history of our music from its birth in Chicago, Detroit and other non-electronic genres. 

In addition, Herodot is a Sound Engineer, Label Owner, Promoter and Club Guesthouse’s representative. Here is where we see the multitude of skills and abilities that contribute to the scene beyond just being a Dj. People like this are people that are moving their scenes,  people that go out there and make stuff happen, not because they have to, but because that is who they are and this force is innately in them, an individual that gets intrigued about sound or set up not being perfect, one that could be found designing producers' studios or a clubs' soundsystem or simply being the one running around Guesthouse or Sunwaves to make sure everything is under control. 

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