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Performance Type: DJ 

Aliases: Dubtil 

Where From: Romania 

Based in: Bucharest 

Affiliations: Manierisme | Guesthouse | Amphia 

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Isis Salvaterra



Widely known as one of the most understated Romanian artists, Dubtil is this enigmatic figure that when he comes out to play, a whole new level to him unfolds in paradox to his quiet and serene personality. Being such a careful observer and listener has its benefits. Robert was exposed, educated and majorly influenced by the founding fathers of this movement, and is one that as a consequence and in combination with his inner talent, slowly grew to be so unique in elevating djing to artistry at its best as some of his predecessors did. 


One cannot deny that applying such precision on set building over a wide track selection which travels between genres in the most concise structure possible comes as a consequence of also being such a competent producer. His considerable studio skills granted releases on labels such as Amphia, Understand and Metereze. His brilliant "Isitor" track was a standout on Raresh's Fabric78 release, and many of Romania's most lauded names are known to use unreleased Dubtil productions in their sets.


Having recently joined the Toi.Toi.Agency's roster alongside becoming the first Guesthouse resident, the club at the heart of Romania's underground,  this artist's journey is set to breaking beyond the borders of his home country Romania to the world. A man of no so many interviews or any form of exposure, one that lets the music speak for itself and it does, his reputation over his extremely long sets,  for maintaining a dancefloor for endless hours is surely one example of that.