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Performance Type: DJ 

Aliases: Christoffer & Nicholas 

Where From: The Netherlands

Based in: Amsterdam

Affiliations: The Tribe (NL) | Toi.Toi.Musik | Trancebound

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Isis Salvaterra


Playing records for more than 12 years already, the 24 year old Doris Nicholas is as experienced as he still is young. Musically shaped and influenced by the old Detroit sound (think Jeff Mills, Rolando, Derrick May, Rob Hood, Kenny Larkin), and culturally taught by the renowned club Doornroosje in his hometown Nijmegen (see 'Planet Rose' Documentary below). Doris is one of those DJ's who breaths music consistently and innately. Always searching for impact and purpose by conceptualising his output. 


He is one of those artists that not only play, research and conceptualise music itself but very naturally does the social side by making justice to dance music as a movement: the most interactive form of music.  He exercises culture in liminality with his concepts THE TRIBE / Trancebound, placing together likeminded souls & artists to create sustainable music / art communities. Setting forth the future by embracing house-culture in a contemporary context. 


On the artistic front, his DJ-sets, are as enigmatic as they still tell a story. Not afraid in searching for contrasts, melting styles together in a trippy, linear, hypnotic way, he makes the listener experience a broad spectrum, while not losing the moment and energy on the dance-floor. 


A productive, intelligent and airy (artistic) mind combined with a spiritual soul that drifts into the unknown Doris Nicholas is on his way to spread love, weaponed with a captivating, vivacious smile and appearance. Along with past gigs at Shelter, Guesthouse, Paradigm & Drift; to name a few, paired with a residency and addition to the Toi.Toi.Musik platform,  the future looks bright and promising.

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