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Performance Type: DJ 

Aliases: ERIS Duo

Where From: Croatia

Based in: Berlin

Affiliations: ERIS Duo

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Isis Salvaterra


Born into a family of musicians, music was a fundamental part of Dea’s upbringing and a means of expression for her since the early years, shaping her background as a clasically trained instrumentalist, vocalist and ballet dancer. However, it was also because of these family surroundings and expectations that she soon felt the urge to go in a different direction than what was expected of her. After high-school Dea decided to focus on her studies, ending up pursuing a master degree in geopolitics.


Understanding this was not her path either, she then decided to move to Ibiza in 2011 primarily for love but what was truly reignited there was her love for music. It was during this time that she truly developed her passion as an avid record collector and started playing around with decks. In 2015 she relocated to Ljubiana where she developed these skills further as a part of the LuckIsOn collective, but it was only in january 2018 that Dea introduced herself to the worldwide scene with the recording of her first mix ever for Nicolas Lutz's My Own Jupiter, which was selected as a mix of the day by Resident Advisor, soon there after she released her first EP on Cabaret Recordings with Enrica Falqui as ERIS and relocated to Berlin where she stays active as a producer, a solo DJ and as a part of the duo ERIS with Enrica Falqui.

With a sharp ear for seamlessly blending lush melodies and intricate grooves, her sets are always a spellbinding journey through different moods and genres.

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