Performance Type: DJ 

Aliases: Alex Troubetzkoy | Pocket Club

Where From: France

Based in: Bucharest

Affiliations: Parama

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Myriam Sabara


Alex Troubetzkoy is a young french producer and musician.

His passion for music developed quite early in his life , he started playing guitar at 11 when he moved from the south of France to Paris. After a few years playing, recording and composing in his bedroom having a hard time finding his place in the usual education system he decides to quit it to devote himself to music, and spend the next 3 years in Jazz and modern music schools, where he continues to learn and play as an instrumentalist.


Very fast the need for more tools becomes obvious, so Alex decided to surround himself with different instruments, bass, drums, and of course machines. A few years passed where Alex little by little bring together his gear and adapted his studio to his new ideas, a mix between electronic music and acoustic music was logical for him as it was the choice allowing him more freedom to create, in terms of sound and composition.

At 23, in the need of a change he decides to move to Bucharest Romania to concentrate fully on his work, and give himself a little more space to create and learn. This last years growing up in this world of mass production and formated products, his passion and dedication for quality things, details, and that simplicity so complex to achieve became more and more pronounced.

His new project Pocket Club will see the light later this year, this label will be the chance for him to share his work and other's on his favourite medium, viny and through live performances.