Performance Type: DJ 

Aliases: Ottuga 

Where From: Russia

Based in: Moscow | London

Affiliations: Sakskobing | Exharde

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Isis Salvaterra


Born in Moscow, bred mostly in the UK, he is a young artist that stands out, he brings a sense of freshness with an enormous notion about the importance of cultural, historic and technical aspects to artistry.

Always willing to listen, learn and apply, Ottuga (widely known to friends as Vova) is one of those artists that does not limit himself only to digging records and playing as a DJ. He is part of a pool of enthusiasts that not only understand that this day and age we need to do a lot more than simply play records but that, in a natural way, they do so much more without making much effort due to the innate passion and drive, they are people that are trying to move their scene both on a local and international level.

Vova co-owns a record label called Sakskøbing alongside friend and artist SIL where the records that are being released do coincide with their musical tastes. They have launched a music hub comprising of a record store, bar and club in Moscow called Deficit and what they have in stock is anything but impressive. Their musical taste go through a wide range of artists and labels, however as a signature sound he is part of this resurgence of vinyl collectors and enthusiasts digging mostly through 80s and 90s music, such as part of the same community as Onur Ozer, Craig Richards, Dj Masda and Nicolas Lutz as well as having roots in the minimal sound brought by the likes of Ricardo Vilallobos, Ion Ludwig, Sonja Moonear and Easy Changes.

In addtition, for those that prefer sounds on the Techno side, Ottuga’s record label called Exarde tailors for a more techno driven take and as per their entire philosophy no matter in which label or musical orientation they always choose vinyl as a medium to release on.