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Opera singers use "Toi toi toi", an idiom used to ward off a spell or hex, often accompanied by knocking on wood, and onomatopoeic, spitting (or imitating the sound of spitting). Saliva traditionally had demon-banishing powers. From Rotwelsch tof, from Yiddish tov ("good", derived from the Hebrew טוב and with phonetic similarities to the Old German word for "Devil"). One explanation sees "toi toi toi" as the onomatopoeic rendition of spitting three times. Spitting three times over someone's head or shoulder is a gesture to ward off evil spirits. 




The Toi.Toi.Agency is a venture brought to you by Toi.Toi.Musik's founder Isis Salvaterra. The idea was born naturally from the dedication, love and appreciation for artists and music and the dislike for the business and corporate approach to artist bookings in our culture in a sense that artists are treated like mere commodities and agents are just performing an administrative role.  

You see, for us there is a difference. THE PASSION. We take pride not only in the artists we represent but also by being part of the community outside of an office by sharing common interests, culture and exercising our right to party and share beautiful moments with others. We feel that to perform an excellent job as an agent or artist manager it does not only take a skill in admin which we do not discard as essential of course, but  by being actively involved in the scene we are part of, as a music/artist lover, knowledgeable about music in general and aware of scene structures. 

We believe in artistic value, differences should be celebrated, that in turn means each artist is unique in their own way and it is that uniqueness which makes our job challenging, matching the right artist to the right promoter  or crew and vice-versa and being able to make it happen in an absolutely professional, ethical and honest manner. 

In 2024, Isis decided to close the booking agency even though she has not stop doing bookings. Non-exclusivity is what she stands for challenging the industry standard into a remodel on the approach on artist bookings. In addition, her multidisciplanary approach goes beyond bookings,  ranging from Psychology Artist Coaching, Non-Exclusive Bookings, Artist & Tour Management, among others. This entire new approach makes justice to her wider abilities and skills. 

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Toi.Toi.Musik events have been happening since June 2010 in different warehouse spaces in the East London area. It is also taken to different locations in London such as hosting a room at Fabric for instance or other places in Europe, also by going as far as Tokyo or New York City.  Their yearly birthday party is celebrated alongside the OFF-BCN Week in Barcelona, these were done at Vetro, Input Club and more lately being hosted at Wolf Club where in 2018 it was done in collaboration with fabric. Above all, anywhere that the events are hosted, there is one aspect which is always the constant, 'quality over quantity'. 

"Toi.Toi is one of these units that as well as having an identifying aesthetic when it comes to the sonics you are exposed to at their underground gatherings of the like minded but really when you talk to its founding parents  you also discover it’s all about a feeling and a philosophy centered on quality. Quality sound and quality, true friendships."    

fabric's blog 

Guest artists at Toi Toi:


​Zip | Margaret Dygas | Delano Smith | Craig Richards | Daze Maxim | Daniel Bell | Mathew Jonson | Steve O'Sullivan Live | Mr. G Live | Le Loup | Jay Haze | Seuil | DeWalta | Audio Werner | Sammy Dee | Jay Shepheard | Thomas Brinkmann Live | Cesar Merveille | Maayan Nidam | Kalabrese | Jin Choi | St. Plomb | Move D Live & DJ | Sasse | Giles Smith | Public Lover (Bruno Pronsato & Ninca Leece) | Crowdpleaser | Eric Cloutier | Seth Troxler | Ryan Crosson | Cesare vs Disorder | Louis Guilhem | Lamache | Pablo Ranacat | Kenzo Tominaga | BLM |  Onirik | Pablo Tarno | Hamid | Robin | Rudolf | Rainer | Matthew Burton | Tristan Girault | Ste Roberts | Alex Jones | Oli Silva | Lee Stacey | Frieder Klaris | Sam Russo | Soho | Pepperpot | Bill Patrick | Oskar Offermann | Edward | The Mole | Cristi Cons | Marc Schneider | James Dean Brown (Narcotic Syntax) | Peter Glasspool | Doubting Thomas | Nicolas Lutz | D'Julz | Ion Ludwig | Vera | Fumiya Tanaka | Jichael Mackson | Losoul | Cab Drivers Live | Andrew James Gustav | Lee Arucci | Galvin | Thomas Melchior | The Persuader Live | Alexi Delano | Borja S | Dj Koolt | Junki Inoue | Yuki Masda | Cab Drivers Live | Anthea | John Roberts Live | Rhadoo | Joao Maria | Miguel Neto | Ben UFO | Mike Shannon | Deadbeat | Konrad Black | Isherwood | Vincent Lemieux | Steve Rachmad | Sebastian Rudolph | Yuki Masda | Patrick Poitz | Les Points | Praslea | Eli Verveine | Yuki Masda | Les Points | Sebastian Rudolph | Patrick Poitz | Binh | Evan Baggs | San Proper | Raphael Carrau | Isherwood | Colin Chiddle 



The Toi.Toi.Mix Series, as the name suggests, is a platform created with the intent of showcasing sets from the most various types of artists. It does not follow any rules as in respect to which frequency it comes out, dj set or live set or even, sets which we recorded at the Toi.Toi.Events. The rule here is free flow, simply the music and artists we would like to proudly stand for. We come across a lot of talents during our travels and many of those go unnoticed to a wider audience, this is how very naturally, the decision to create this platform came about. Hope you all enjoy it. 



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